Monday, 1 March 2010

BPA Alters Rules for Digital Editions

As the digital world changes at the speed of light, BPA has enacted some rule changes to deal with the evolving delivery of digital magazines.  A few of the key highlights of the changes:

1. BPA no longer requires physical addresses for every subscriber - an additional line that reads, “email address only” will be added to the geographic reporting paragraphs (B4/C6) for digital magazine subscribers that only provide their email addresses.  This of couse makes a lot of sense and should simplify the qualification process for publishers.

2. BPA created different categories of digital magazines to provide for greater transparency for advertisers and media buyers.  Categories will reflect the extent to which the digital version may differ from the print version in relations to targeted audience and content changes/enhancements/additions.

3. Publishers can now fulfill requests for subscriptions with digital magazines as long as the subscriber is given advance notice of the change to digital (if not specifically requested) and that the subscriber has the right to decline digital.

4.  BPA altered its language to change terminology from "digital editions" to "digital magazines" (for magazine publishers) and "e-editions" for newspaper publishers.

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