Thursday, 29 October 2015

Some Food For Thought About Apps

A great article by Media Briefing on the Economist's App strategy that deserves mention:

Key points:

  • if your brand is not big enough for your user to want to put on their home screen of their mobile phone, don't build an app;
  • for publishers who do have a large audience, Apps are a funnel to drive new subscriptions back to the magazine;
  • What we really want is for people to choose the bundle or the digital only, but we don't mind which - both options are more profitable that print alone
  • The In-app purchase model is infinitely preferable, he argues, to that of a hard paywall but "freemium" App content is the way to go "to get your content out there and people need to be able to sample it".
  • "It is exponentially easier to reach an audience that is larger than you could have ever imagined fifteen years ago. And if you focus on that quality in product then the opportunities are there."
Read the full article here.

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