Friday, 12 February 2016

Digital Advertising - A Key For Publishing Success

Magazine publishers are struggling with the new realities of revenue as readers (and advertisers) shift their time from print to digital.  A key to success in this new world, is creating compelling digital advertising opportunities for advertisers.  Using the digital magazine as one avenue, we have worked with all of our clients and their sales teams to help fine turn approaches to selling digital advertising around the digital magazine.  To assist in this, we created a simple Whitepaper that outlines current positions that are most popular. To view our Whitepaper, click here.

A recent article on Publishing Executive, really outlines the need for publishers to create revenue around their digital presence.  The author (Andy Kowl) goes on to identify how easy it is to get in the digital game, and the many opportunities for revenue that exist.  While this extends beyond the digital magazine, the future of successful magazine publishers requires additional focus and thinking around the digital world.